The Arizona Beer Book.

Eric Walters loves Arizona beer. He loves Arizona beer so much he co-authored The Arizona Beer Book with Luke Irvin. There are 37 Arizona breweries featured in it broken up into sections: Central Arizona, Southern Arizona and Northern Arizona.

Warning: this podcast does contain some cuss words. Yes, they are all Eric's.

On this episode, Mike and Rob talk to Eric about the book, Arizona's beer scene and Eric's own podcast, Tap That AZ (The Brewmance was on a recent episode).

Rob Hunter (left), Eric Walters and Mike Russell

There's no better way to talk about all of our love for Arizona than over a beer. Eric brought Arizona Wilderness Brewing Company's (Gilbert, AZ) Water Ways Porter. Eric also drops some knowledge about how the beer was made with some local Arizona grown ingredients.

AZ Wilderness' Water Ways Porter and The Arizona Beer Book

The Brewmance also chats with Eric about his next adventure into the Arizona restaurant industry including an upcoming series about Phoenix based chefs. Join us for this conversation over a beer.

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