How Did All Those Haitians Get to the Border?

BUCK: Jerry in Ellensburg, Washington. Hey, Jerry, you’re on the Clay and Buck show.

CALLER: Hello. How are you?

BUCK: We’re good, man. What’s going on?

CALLER: Well, I got a question, and I haven’t heard anybody talk about it. And that’s, how did all those Haitians get from Haiti to Mexico?

CLAY: It’s what we’ve been talking about.

BUCK: So there’s a little bit of an update on this. I was speaking to a friend yesterday who is at the border. I have Border Patrol contacts and friends that I talk to, and I have journalists who are actually doing real work down there.

And one contact I have was saying that they’re using social media, WhatsApp in particular, a couple of different social media platforms that are very specific travel instructions with way points. And they’re loading up onto trains and buses, and it’s all being coordinated via these different social media platforms.

What I really want to know, Jerry — and this one we don’t have yet — is who started this, right? Because we know how they’re getting the information, and we know the information is being distributed in this way and that people have it. Who started this? What was the inciting group or individual for all of it? And that yet, Jerry, we don’t have. But, yeah, they’re taking mass transit, basically. They’re taking buses and trains all the way up because they’re not coming from Haiti for the most part.

CLAY: Yeah. And what Jerry’s asking is a good question. How did they get from Haiti to Mexico in the first place?

BUCK: They’re not coming from Haiti.

CLAY: Who sent them there?

BUCK: They’re not coming from Haiti. They’re coming from Chile and Brazil and points in South America over land because they already have refugee status in South America — which means they should all immediately be rejected under any asylum claim when they get to the U.S. border with Mexico with, but I have a feeling that’s not happening. But Jerry, excellent question. Thank you for calling in.

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