Stalinist ACLU Replaces Word “Woman” in RBG Quote

BUCK: I like to read Soviet history. I find the history of the Soviet Union, of the totalitarianism, of the commies to be fascinating.

CLAY: Are you going to go on your honeymoon to Moscow one day like Bernie?

BUCK: No, I want to know how to defeat them because it feels like they’re running a lot of the playbook these days in the Democrat Party. So I think it’s important to know your adversary and actually have an understanding. ‘Cause, Clay, they do not teach the history of the American Communist Party in schools at all.

They do not teach the connections between the labor movement and communism at all. They do not teach people about the Soviet penetrations which we know about because of the Venona Project. They don’t teach it at all, because the left in this country has a lot of sympathy for the Soviets.

I bring it up — and also a lot of ideological crossover — because they were known for actually changing, as a function of government policy, photographs, altering what was on placards in the background of different protests in the October Revolution. This is not really necessarily, I think, as confirmed.


The photograph thing is definite. There are people who believe that they would use razors to cut out the names of individuals from registers and different government documents during liquidation era under Stalin’s great terror. But that’s the kind of stuff you expect in a totalitarian regime, right?

Well, now, this isn’t the government. This is the ACLU. So, I understand there’s a distinction. But, Clay, they have decided to take out the word “woman” from a Ruth Bader Ginsburg quote. So here’s what they change this to. “The decision whether or not to bear a child is center to a [person]’s life, to [their] well-being and dignity when the government controls that decision for [people], they are being treated as less than a fully adult human responsible for their own choices.”

That’s the RBG quote except the word “women” and “she” has been replaced with “persons” and “they.” This is truly Soviet-level stuff. They say crazy.

CLAY: Yeah. And again, for anybody out there who studied the Supreme Court at all, Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s quest for equality under the law is her hallmark, and for women in particular. So the idea that you would replace and (laughs) change her wording is indicative of the spread of the tear-down-the-monument universe, right?

You have to not only tear down monuments. You have to tear down words that offend you in quotes that are otherwise iconic. The fact… I understand your point about this is not the government that’s do it winning but the ACLU, Buck, used to stand for the First Amendment.

They were the people who defended the rights of Nazis to protest march in Skokie, Illinois, in front of lots of Holocaust survivors. This was the group that was willing to stand up and take the slings and arrows of derision for being on the side of everyone’s right to speak.

BUCK: And now they share the ideology of the MSNBC comment section, and are effectively a tool of the repressive and regressive left. It’s a shame, Clay, but they don’t believe in liberty anymore, that’s for sure.

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