ChiCom Missile Is a Sputnik Moment

BUCK: Here is Jen Psaki yesterday when asked about a hypersonic missile test. Now, there are people who all they do is study missiles. This is its own realm. People say, “Oh, you’re in the CIA. You must know a lot about missiles.” The missile folks, this is what they do: They study missiles all day long. I can tell you the very basics. An ICBM kind of goes up and comes down.

A hypersonic glide vehicle or hypersonic glide missile goes a lot lower and stays a lot flatter in its trajectory — and it’s, therefore, much harder to track and see on radar. Both are nuclear capable, obviously. But we start to worry about the ability of the Chinese technology here to perhaps get beyond U.S. warning systems, radar, shoot-down capability, all of that.

(impression) Here is Jen Psaki ’cause she, like, totally knows about this stuff.” Here she is.

PSAKI: Generally speaking, we’ve made clear our concerned (sic) about the military capabilities that the PRC continues to pursue. Uhhh, and we have been consistent in our approach with China. Uhhh, we welcome stiff competition, but do we not — do not — we do not want that competition to veer into conflict and that is certainly what we convey privately as well.

BUCK: The Chinese Communist Party has gotta know, Clay, this is the weakest opponent they’ve seen across the chessboard in a long time.

CLAY: Well, why would we welcome strong, stiff competition in potential nuclear war? (laughing) I know that Little Red Lying Hood, as we call her, Jen Psaki, often has ridiculously dumb things to say. And to be fair, she has a really difficult job because she’s surrounded by a large level of incompetence and she has to argue in favor of things that are manifestly stupid, like Joe Biden being caught without wearing a mask in a restaurant while lecturing all of you about the importance of mask wearing.

But I don’t welcome stiff competition in a race towards global annihilation! I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I draw the line somewhere, Buck. You say, “Hey, what do you think about the idea of mutually assured combat to the death?” I don’t really welcome strong competition there. I’m not really thinking, “Hey, I’d like to just go ahead and both be lopping off each other’s arms and everything else.” No, I don’t want stiff competition. I want us to kick the ass of every other country.

BUCK: I want dominance.

CLAY: Yes!

BUCK: I want America dominant. This is the whole thing. When Trump started saying Make America Great Again, this notion of an America that wants to be, thinks it should be, and does not apologize for its number oneness, if you will, is something that we need to bring back here in a big time.

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: I do not get all excited about the future of an America full of people who think that we need to sit through lectures about climate change by Thunberg or whatever. I’m sorry. That’s tough to get excited about — or the globalists running around talking about one-world government and how the U.N. should be in charge of all militaries and all this other crazy nonsense you hear. I would prefer an America that is first and foremost about being number one.

CLAY: I want us to kick every other country’s ass. I don’t want to be… You know, I don’t welcome it. If your team’s in the Super Bowl, you aren’t like, “Hey, I hope it comes down to one play and it could go either way.” You’re saying, “No, we want to kick your ass so there’s no doubt. I don’t want a random official deciding this game.

“I want to kick your ass. I don’t welcome stiff competition. I welcome ass kicking. That’s what I would want my press secretary to be saying if suddenly China has the ability to, as you said, potentially deliver a devastating blow to us and we don’t have the technological might to respond to it. Some people are saying this is a Sputnik moment, right?

BUCK: Yeah. Here’s the problem. China has, in a sense, hacked the system because they have access to markets, the global markets. They’ve gotten a whole lot richer, and they also are completely — the Chinese Communist Party and People’s Republic of China Army, the PRC Army.

They are absolutely ruthless about stealing intellectual property and technology from everyone and anywhere all over the world, reengineering things that they take through these agreements. There’s so much that they have done to get close to us technologically, we may not have an advantage over them, folks, in five years technologically at all, and it’s a really big country.

CLAY: It matters in a big way.

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