Fox, You Need an Illegal Alien Counter on Screen

SEN. TED CRUZ: Their entire political strategy is based on secrecy. What is happening in our southern border is an absolute tragedy. We’ve had over 1.3 million people cross illegally. We’re on a path to have over two million people cross. And Joe Biden and Kamala Harris caused this. And their entire strategy is ignore that, and they’re counting on the corrupt corporate media to ignore it as well. So, of course, they fly in the middle of the night because they have no defense. Every Democrat who for four years said, “Kids in cages! Kids in cages!” the Biden cages are bigger and they’re more full than we have ever had in this country and not a single Democrat cares. It is an absolute disaster.

BUCK: Ted Cruz, Senator from Texas, totally correct here, as he tends to be. The border — as we keep reminding you because it is important — matters, and you will not see coverage of this on CNN. You will not read much about it in the Democrat newspapers. And if you do, it will always be about how we’re “a nation of immigrants,” and they’ll take a quote from the Emma Lazarus poem on the Statue of Liberty as if that’s federal law.

It is not, and they are not stopping this anytime soon. Not at all. Clay, the New York Post has its reporting about flights in the middle of the night — charter flights, all funded by the taxpayer — dropping off in Westchester County, New York, hundreds of illegal migrant children who come into the country illegally. Remember the act of entering America, not at a port of entry, is a violation of law. So these are illegal acts that are going on here, violations of federal law. And they’re distributing them around the country, and people don’t even know about it.

CLAY: Well, again — and I made the pitch, Buck, to my employers at Fox News, that we need to have an illegal immigration tracker on the television screen like CNN and MSNBC did with covid to try to get people aware. That was their plan, right, covid fear porn? But it’s so easy, Buck — and you know this, and a lot of our listeners do — to get so busy in your day-to-day existence that you forget that tens of thousands of people are coming across the border every single week, every week all year long, and eventually that adds up to millions of people. That is a significant assault on America’s border, right?

BUCK: Are we a sovereign nation? Do we get to determine who comes?

CLAY: That’s right, and the fact is that Biden has got things going so bad that he’s returning to Trump’s policies. We talked about this last week, the return to Mexico policy. We need to continue to hammer this.

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