Why Virginia’s Race for Governor Matters

BUCK: I want to start with a race that’s just weeks away here, the election, for the governor’s mansion in the state of Virginia. Now, just so we’re all very clear, I know for a lot of you, eh, you don’t live in Virginia. Some of you live in Virginia. We’ve got a great Virginia audience. But a lot of you don’t live in Virginia so why does this really matter?

Virginia’s become a place that is the front line of the battle between parents and the Democrat machine as evidenced through school boards and administrators and the public school system indoctrinating children in Virginia, from things relating to CRT to transgender agenda stuff to even (yes) mask mandates in schools. All these things come up at these school board meetings, and this has now become a central front in the fight against critical race theory.

There’s a grassroots uprising of parents who are now aware of what their children have been taught because of all the Zoom-at-home lessons that they had during the pandemic — which were unnecessary, by the way, insofar as they should have just been allowed to go in to school. But you can thank Fauci for bending the knee to the teachers unions. No surprise there.

The little lab coat tyrant somehow never upsets Democrats and we’re not supposed to know that. But here’s what’s happening in Virginia. Terry McAuliffe, who has had a bit of a lead for all of this year against his competitor on the Republican side, Glenn Younkin, is starting to feel the heat. And it’s in part because ofthis story broken by The Daily Wire about the sexual assault of a young girl in a bathroom by a transgender 15-year-old teen that was then covered up by the school board.

Clay, what’s additional information just since we talked about this story last, ’cause this caught caught fire as a story. People were just furious about this when they learned about what happened. The school board really tried to cover it up. There was a second sexual assault — let’s remember that — by the same student later on, allegedly. The prosecutor, a woman named prosecutor [Buta] Biberaj is tied to both George Soros and Terry McAuliffe.

Soros-backed prosecutors are a major problem across the country where they don’t want to prosecute violent crimes, they’re pursuing a left-wing agenda, using the law to do it, and McAuliffe is also tied to this prosecutor. Clay, Biberaj ran on “End Mass Incarceration.” She showed up to make sure she could try to get the maximum in court for the father of the girls who was assaulted in the bathroom at a school in Loudoun County. Biberaj wanted to make sure that everyone saw that the parent insurrectionist was the one who was gonna serve jail time. This is causing problems for the McAuliffe campaign.

CLAY: If McAuliffe loses — and I desperately hope that that is going to be the case two weeks from today — it’s going to be because of schools and the way that we are teaching our kids about history. It’s gonna be because all of the monuments that came down in Richmond. It’s gonna be because of the arrogance of Terry McAuliffe in responding to critical race theory.

It’s going to be because of the extreme hypocrisy in having prosecutors who do not want to prosecute crimes of a violent nature to the full extent of the law but simultaneously want to refer to parents going to school board meetings as domestic terrorists. That is going to be the reason — the hypocrisy inherent in those positions — why middle-of-the-road people decide to repudiate the Democrat Party.

By the way, Joe Biden won the state of Virginia by 10 points. This would be a seismic shift that would create an earth-shattering — I really do believe — fear among Democrats as we get ready for the midterm elections. Now, what’s gonna happen to contravene that occurring? We’re already seeing it, Buck. There is going to be a desperate attempt because it worked in California to try to tie Glenn Younkin to Donald Trump.

They are going to bring out Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, all of the usual suspects, and they’re not really against Glenn Younkin anymore. They are running against the bogeyman that they have created in Donald Trump, and they are going to try to motivate northern Virginia voters to show up and repudiate Donald Trump even though Glenn Younkin has virtually nothing to do with Donald Trump at all. That’s the Democrat playbook. That’s what they’re gonna try to deploy in the next two weeks to drag Terry McAuliffe across the finish line.

BUCK: And McAuliffe has started to run ads about how Youngkin is (whining) “taking him out of context.” As we all know, the moment you’re running political ads that are claiming that somebody’s sound bite of you is out of context instead of defend what was said, you’ve got a problem on your hands. And let’s remember, here is Terry McAuliffe saying that Virginia parents who are concerned about critical race theory…

Which does things like tells your kids, “You should be ashamed of the past that you represent because of your white skin color.” They separate kids out by skin color in classrooms to show a hierarchy of oppression. Critical race theory is really toxic stuff as it plays out. Here’s Terry McAuliffe — who is apparently Captain CRT, if you will — telling everybody that parents who are worried about it are, well…

MCAULIFFE: We don’t teach critical race theory here in Virginia. It’s never been taught. But in Loudoun County everybody’s stirred up, everybody thinks we’re teaching, y’know, that every white person was a slave owner. It’s just not taught. I’d say it bothers me in the sense that it’s a racist dog whistle. It’s not taught here in Virginia. We got greater schools. We’re number one in the country for higher ed. We’re number four in America for K through 12. And the way he’s stirring these parents up and using children as pawns… Whatever. It is what it is.

BUCK: First of all, it’s all lies —

CLAY: It’s all lies.

BUCK: — and it’s so condescending too. “Yeah, all these dumb parents, they’re not right.”

CLAY: They don’t know any better.

BUCK: They don’t know any better. I’m pretty sure the parents were showing up at these meetings who were angry about what their kids are being taught are angry because they’ve seen what their kids are being taught.

CLAY: Buck, I called you right after our local school board meeting in Williamson County right after I had spoken, saying we had tons of listeners that were there and what did I tell you? I think I came to the radio show and said the same thing the next day. I said, “I’ve never felt better in the last couple years about our country than after leaving the school board meeting because seeing so many parents involved at the grassroots level.”

The groundswell of interest that was attached to whether or not their kids were gonna be forced to wear masks by highly educated, highly motivated, oftentimes very middle-of-the-road voters who were just fed up with all the lies. That’s what’s happening in Loudoun County which is, in many ways, very similar to the county that I live in, Williamson County in Tennessee.

The lies that Terry McAuliffe is trying to share there by saying parents don’t know what’s going on, they’re getting all angry and frustrated over things that aren’t a reality, is a direct lie, and it further inflames that group because they hear it. We got people listening to us right now, and they know they’re being lied to, and they are furious.

BUCK: Notice how they won’t even defend CRT. They play all these of games. “You don’t know what CRT is! CRT’s not actually being taught. CRT is a racist dog whistle.” Meanwhile, it is absolutely taught on college campuses and universities across the country in different forms, right?

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: It’s absolutely taught us in corporate training sessions all across America now. So it is all over the place. We have the training materials. Hat tip, Chris Rufo, for really being somebody who got this going where he just would get the actual documents. “Bring receipts,” they say, right? Rufo gets the receipts. We all look and say, “Really? They’re teaching people that there are ways that you should have to think of yourself based on skin color, positive or negative, as part of being H.R. compliant or being university compliant?”

So it’s all over the place. But we’re to believe, Clay, that the leftist dominated public school system in places like Loudoun County, Virginia? “Oh, no, they would never do such a thing!” They don’t even try to defend it because they know that if we see it in the light of day, it becomes indefensible to a majority of parents. This is why McAuliffe, who is tied into this left-wing prosecutor who clearly…

To say “dropped the ball” is an understatement with what happened in the sexual assault in the high school. The prosecutor is backed by George Soros. So you start to look at these connections and you say this is how the radical left gets its way. And when they’re exposed, when people see the connections and what they do, what do they do? They lie. They lie about it.

CLAY: And for people out there who may say, “Okay, I don’t live in Virginia. Why should I care?” Look, we’ve got people listening in the other 49 states and all around the world. They might be saying, “Well, you and Buck are talking a lot about this Terry McAuliffe versus Glenn Younkin battle. Why does it matter?” The answer is because we don’t get to vote in the midterms this year; we don’t get to vote in the presidential election.

This is an opportunity — and there are few and far between — in the first year of the Biden administration to throw a punch back at all of the lies that you have had propagated about you, whether you live in New York State or Florida or California. Whether you are Clay Travis, Buck Sexton, or somewhere in between, you just heard Terry McAuliffe say you’re a racist if you don’t like what is being taught in Virginia schools. They are directly attacking you, the voter and everybody, just about, who is listening to us right now, the essence of your core.

BUCK: McAuliffe is a Democrat politician who is right in with the consensus. He was a Clinton aide for a very long time. So he’s not some left-wing radical. He is right within the mainstream media of the Democrat Party. So when he says these things, just note this: What’s going on in Loudoun County right now, this battle over CRT and the way this has become the central front, right?

There’s layers here. The central front in the Virginia governor’s race now is really around these issues. That’s what’s gonna move the needle one way or the other, it looks like, to determine the governor’s mansion. But to your point, Clay, the battle in Loudoun County over this and over the indoctrination of children, over parents’ rights to have some input into what their kids learn, Simon in danger County.

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: Same in Kings County, New York. Same in Harris County, Houston. It’s everywhere in every city across the country to be sure. In a lot of counties… Loudoun is kind of a pretty well-off suburb of D.C. In a lot of counties outside of major cities, it’s the same fight, and that’s why people should pay attention to all the factors, everything involved here, because you can see those parents — and you saw them in Nashville, Clay — who were standing up at these meetings and who are making their case and who are being sneered at by these bureaucrats and maligned by Democrats. You’re seeing the Democrat Party now when it’s running scared. That’s what’s happening.

CLAY: And I told you when I left, I said, “This mom revolution is strong, and I want to us to win,” and the parent revolution being led, not surprisingly, by a lot of moms out there that are fed up, a lot of suburban moms. Again, they want to characterize everybody who’s fired up about this as an ignorant, red state, racist Trump supporter. These people are highly educated, they are highly motivated, and I think they’re gonna kick Terry McAuliffe’s ass in two weeks. And I think he’s terrified of it happening, and that’s why he’s trying to hit the emergency button, which is, “Oh, my God! Orange Man Bad! A Trump supporter like this!” That’s what they’re going to. Just pay attention to it.

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