So maube Kathy Griffin should have taken up painting?

What if a guy who used to be affiliated with the Klan painted the future portrait of Donald J. Trump? Would the left have a problem with that?

Kehinde Wiley became the first African American to ever paint an official presidential portrait and will probably be the last. Why?

Because the portrait is ridiculous! Look at it!

While black folks, the New York Times and the Washington Post try to justify this travesty, some folks noticed Wiley's signature flowers in the background and remembered theses little beauties. They remind us that in 2012, depicting the Jewish Apocryphal story of Judith beheading the Assyrian general Holofernes, Wiley’s Judith is depicted as a black woman and Holofernes(a man in the story) as a white woman.

Holy Kathy Griffin, Batman!

The left is obsessed with White Supremacy, the Klan and the Confederate flag; meanwhile radical anti-white sentiments seem to be at the heart of the new civil rights movement.

Shame on the Obamas!