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The Conservative Circus w/ James T. Harris

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Biden Stokes Fears Of The Civil War To Make His Point

Courtesy of Forbes Breaking News

The idea that Jim Crow is rising again here in the United States of America is precisely the message that President Joe Biden wants to propagate on America.

He blames the GOP for asking for more specifications on how, when and where to vote as restrictive and oppressive.

Is there a scenario where the Dems can get their head of the sand and realize what is really going on here?

People want to have the security that the elections they vote in are secure fair accurate and most of all legitimate. Why would one party fight for that while the over just glosses over it and proclaims it is wrong? We all know that answer and it has to do with power and control as it always does with the Democrat Party.

If they have power they need more of it. If they lose power they must do everything they can to get it back.

The Democrats don't really care about the logic of these measures. They only care about how some people might feel about more measures to keep elections free and fair.

Emotion vs. Logic---which one will you choose?

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