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Southwest cancels and delays hundreds of flights nationwide. Here's why...

Here's a link to the official story.

Here is what is not being reported.

The Jacksonville air traffic controllers walked out in protest over the vaccine mandate:

Jacksonville Center ATC controllers walked out last night over the vaccine mandate. Shut the whole thing down. Total disaster for us and other airlines. Total news blackout, be sure you spread the word.

650 flights canceled so far. Our operation is still unraveling.

The pilots haven’t started to fight yet. That’s coming.

Meanwhile, the media is reporting something very different:

  • JUST IN: Airports across Florida are experiencing delays due to bad weather conditions.
  • Due to a combination of severe weather, active military training in the airspace, and unexpected limited staff at the Jacksonville facility that handles high-altitude, en route traffic, the FAA took steps to safely manage air traffic the evening of Oct. 8. Normal operations returned at approximately 10 p.m.

The weather in Jacksonville FL. yesterday was 72 degrees... no rain. Check here.

Things that make you go hummmm...


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