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Get Ready For The Bias And Narrative Against The Trucker Freedom Convoy

Courtesy of MSNBC

Ready to not be surprised!?

The trucker freedom convoy is coming to Washington D.C. and the National Guard has been called upon to thwart whatever comes to our nation's capital.

The problem of course is that our glorious media would have you believe that all these people are terrorists demanding their freedom at any cost and that they must be stopped.

The Left is all about protesting until it does not fit their narrative. They are all about personal choice unless that choice does not fit their agenda. They are all about fighting for freedoms we all enjoy in this country until it impedes on their grip of control.

The goal of this convoy is to call for an end to the tyranny we have all been forced to comply with for the past two years. We are ready to move on but the Government and the media will not allow you to have that viewpoint without being shouted down and made to obey.

Unfortunately for those who want only compliance and obedience they forgot that this is the United States of America and we must fight for our freedoms because if we don't we lose what makes this country the most free country in the world filled with rights that every citizen gets to enjoy.

Freedom is messy no one is arguing that. But picking and choosing winners and losers while still defending the spirit of the action does not give one the right to trample on freedom itself.

Voices will be heard and actions will be taken no matter how much the media wants to spin it with their bias and narrative bleeding over all of us with their insecurity and their inequity.

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