Rob: Bringing Back Respect

Violence erupted in Berkeley after a conservative was invited to speak. On the other side, some are burning Harry Potter books because author J.K. Rowling doesn't like Trump. There are headlines like this everyday.

It all makes me want to write this. You and I will probably disagree over something, whether it's sports, politics or general thoughts about life. Maybe we will disagree over many things. So what? I don't feel the need to burn your Facebook feed or smash the windows of your car.

Here's what else I won't do:

Call you names

Disrespect you because of your different beliefs

Unfriend you

Or think differently about you because you happen to disagree.

Disagreements are part of life. I expect them. I can handle them. Disagreement don't offend me. In fact, I encourage them for honesty is still the best policy. Disagreements don't make me yell or scream even if we get passionate over them.

Some disagreements even make me a better, a more informed and respectful person. I disagree with my wife, my best of friends and my parents on some things. I don't love them any less because of that. They all continue to teach me lessons about life. Because of that, I'll never be too stubborn to continue to learn lessons from them and from you.


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