Trump wants Flake out

A report from Politico says President Donald Trump has grown so frustrated with Arizona Senator Jeff Flake, he's willing to spend up to ten million dollars of his own money to see the first time Senator defeated in the 2018 Republican primary.

Politico says Trump said that backstage at a rally here in Arizona.

Flake has been critical of Trump numerous times in the past including infamously saying he would be mowing his lawn during the Republican National Convention last summer.  Flake also said Trump should drop out of the race after a video tape surfaced of the now president saying he could walk up to women and, 'grab them by the (blank).'

Dr. Kelli Ward is already running against Flake and a couple of others are interested in the Senate seat. Former Arizona GOP chairman Robert Graham is said to be considering a bid, so is State Treasurer Jeff DeWit. DeWit also served as the Trump's campaign's COO.

Stay tuned.  2018 is going to be unlike anything we've seen in a while when it comes to politics.

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