Arizona DPS Sgt. Hailed As Hero

(Phoenix, AZ)  While in Las Vegas for an Honor Guard Detail, an Arizona Department of Public Safety sergeant, without hesitation, aided Nevada authorities and victims during the deadly shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival.

On the evening of October 1, 2017, Sgt. Alan Haywood, a 17-year AZDPS veteran, was in Las Vegas for an Honor Guard Detail when he jumped into action during the deadly shooting on the strip. Sgt. Haywood was traveling on Interstate 15 at Sunset Boulevard when traffic came to a halt. Sgt. Haywood, who was in uniform, was able to assist Nevada Highway Patrol (NHP) troopers with traffic control in the area, allowing emergency personnel to get through traffic and arrive on scene. With the reports of multiple shooters, Sgt. Haywood responded to the scene.

 While en route, Sgt. Haywood came across a pickup truck in the emergency lane of northbound I-15, where he found four people, two of them injured in the bed of the pickup. Sgt. Haywood was able to flag down a NHP trooper and an ambulance. The paramedics were able to conduct triage on the patients, and unfortunately, determined one of the victims in the truck was deceased.

Sgt. Haywood, with the help of a NHP trooper, was able to escort the pickup truck of victims to Spring Valley Medical Center. Upon arrival, Sgt. Haywood helped medical staff off-load the victims and provided identifying information to local authorities.

While at the hospital, Sgt. Haywood was notified that two AZDPS employees were injured and at a hospital. With the help of Nevada authorities, Sgt. Haywood was able to track down the two injured employees to another area hospital. He made sure families were notified and acted as a liaison between Nevada authorities and AZDPS. The two injured employees were off-duty and on their own time while at the concert. All other AZDPS personnel, who were in Las Vegas for a conference, were accounted for thanks to Sgt. Haywood’s leadership. Sgt. Haywood served in the U.S. Navy as a corpsman prior to joining the Department.

 AZDPS Director Colonel Frank Milstead said, “It’s during tragic events we see the heroic actions of so many, including law enforcement officers. As Sgt. Haywood’s actions show, troopers are ready to act at any time and any place. They are trained this way and are dedicated to protecting human life. Many true heroes showed their faces on the night of October 1st, and they won’t be forgotten.”

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