Police Say Missing Teacher Was Murdered

cathryn gorospe

(Flagstaff, AZ)  The Flagstaff Police Department is classifying the death of Cathryn Gorospe as a homicide.

Since October 8, 2017, Law Enforcement Agencies across multiple jurisdictions have continued to investigate the disappearance of Cathryn Gorospe. On October 14, 2017 investigators followed up on leads in the investigation and located a deceased person, in Mayer, Arizona, who is believed to be Cathryn Gorospe. The remains were located on private property off Nugget Mine Road in Mayer.

The suspect in the case, Charlie Malzahn, ultimately gave investigators some details and directions, which led law enforcement to narrow the scope of the search. Investigators from Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office and the Flagstaff Police Department coordinated efforts and combined resources to locate and investigate the area where the body was found. 

Currently investigators are confirming the remains are those of Cathryn through DNA testing. This testing will take some time to process to verify identity beyond doubt. Police firmly believe that this individual will be identified as Cathryn Gorospe for multiple reasons including the fact that the primary suspect in Cathryn’s disappearance led investigators to the remains, the deceased person found meets the physical description of Cathryn including the clothing she was seen wearing the night of her disappearance.

An autopsy has been completed in Yavapai County and determined the manner of death to be a homicide. This investigation is actively being pursued and remains an open investigation. Although no charges have been filed, investigators are working closely with Coconino County Attorney’s Office regarding potential charges.

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