Valley Metro Approves New Code Of Conduct

PHOENIX - The Valley Metro Boards of Directors has unanimously approved a new “Respect the Ride” Code of Conduct to bolster safety and security while creating a positive rider experience. The new code of conduct discourages disruptive behavior on the Valley’s 26-mile light rail line and empowers the transit agency to remove riders who engage in inappropriate or unsafe behavior. 

“This code of conduct is focused on creating a safe and positive rider experience, while also discouraging disruptive, intrusive, unsafe or inappropriate behaviors in a public setting,” said Valley Metro Rail Board Chair and Mesa Councilmember Chris Glover. “Put simply, this new tool will allow us to crack down on bad behavior and enhance the rider experience.”

Valley Metro Rail Board Vice Chair, RPTA Board member and Phoenix Councilmember Thelda Williams said people “must ride with respect” as a way to support our community investment.  “By being proactive, we can set the tone for rider behavior going forward, especially as the system expands and new lines are added,” said Williams. “All fare-paying passengers have the right to enjoy a safe and comfortable ride.”

The new policy is supported by simple, easy-to read signs and clearly marked enforcement areas to strengthen the message of passenger safety. The signs are being installed later this month through December.The code of conduct specifically prohibits:

·         Loitering, soliciting, smoking, food and drinks (not in spill-proof containers), along with other disruptive behaviors.

·         It also enforces Valley Metro’s destination-based transit system.

Valley Metro CEO Scott Smith thanked the Valley Metro Boards of Directors for their steadfast leadership, vision and commitment to ensuring people have a safe, secure and pleasant ride on light rail.  “Light rail has a special place in our community, connecting people to life and driving our economy,” he said. “This day is very important as ‘Respect the Ride’ is a culmination of many months of hard work and collaboration.”

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