Steve Bannon Conservative Circus Clown of the Week

Steve Bannon is calling it fake news.

Whether it is - or - whether it isn’t, I prefer to give him the benefit of the doubt. Actually I was taught to give fellow conservatives the benefit of the doubt, but not by fellow conservatives. Nope! I learned that from football – a football coach to be precise.

I learned a lot of things from him, including what questions to ask. Questions like: 

“What the hell were you thinking Bannon?" 

The only time the front line is supposed to make headlines is when they successfully protect the quarterback in the pocket and then all you should read is about THE FRONT LINE! No names, no antics, no nothing. The quarterback is the story and you cover his assets – that’s it. You are NOT the story! You DON'T TACKLE THE QUARTERBACK – YOU PROTECT HIM!

Not Bannon. 

Are we really supposed to believe that the guy who chairs Breitbart doesn’t know how his words can be twisted into fake news?  Is his ego writing checks his body politic can’t cash?


A good coach will bench a guy when his ego gets in the way of a win. Trump sent Bannon to the benches and I hope he has to sit out the season – a winning season if everyone sticks to the game plan. 

Steve Bannon is The Conservative Circus Clown of the Week.

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