The Real Fire & Fury

The Real Fire and Fury

Never has a piece of fiction caused more friction than the New York Times (rushed to publish) best seller ‘Fire and Fury’ by Michael Wolff. While one has to admit that Michael Wolff is far more creative – has a far more vivid imagination - than Tom Wolfe or the National Enquirer, you have to ask why are we ignoring the real fury fueled fires?

Keith Ellison (Democrat) who used to pal around with Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam, stoked a fire on Twitter this week with his pic of the Antifa Handbook. 

The. Antifa. Handbook!!! (So much for the much ignored PSA “If you see something say something!”)

Bernie Sanders’ choice to run the DNC, a Minnesota Muslim liberal Democrat, is promoting the tactics of an American terror group and the media wants us to talk about how Trump is crazy and needs to be impeached?

In Friday’s addition of USA TODAY WEEKEND, the headline of the Special Report section reads: ‘ISIS in our backyard: Their faces are many.’ 

That’s a serious threat! ISIS in America could lead to real fire and fury! But not to Democrats! They’re too busy celebrating Breitbart Bannon bashing Trump!

Come to think of it – the mainstream media has focused our attention on Wolff’s fire while ignoring the fact that the economy is on fire too:

Jobs and wages going up!

Apple repatriating $200 Billion … Yes BILLION because of the

Trump tax cuts!

Off shore drilling! 

Dow at 25,000 in just a few weeks!

Tax cuts prompting companies to raise wages, give

bonuses, contribute even more to charities!

The FBI investigating the Clinton Foundation.

The DOJ taking a fresh look at the Clinton e-mails!

In fact, the economy is so good right now, even the New York Times had to admit that President Trump’s domestic policy might crush talk of the Democrat party’s mythical blue tsunami!

So tomorrow, as you watch the Sunday “news” maker shows, keep in mind that they are desperately trying to keep you focused on a fictional fire and fury and not on the fires fueling President Trump’s economic resurgence and his draining of the swamp. 

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