Democrats & Blue Hypocrisy

Joe Biden had a potty mouth (Big ding deal) Michelle Obama (All of this over a damn flag?) and Barry was no saint when it came to the use of language. What about this past June when Sen. Kirstin Gillibrand went blue language in a speech she gave? I quote, "If we are not helping people, we should go the f**k home," she said.

"Has he kept any of these promises? No. F**k no.”

Later on Gillibrand said President Trump was "b****ing about the media.”  And Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez used CNN’s favorite word when he said that Republicans "don't give a s**t about people" at a rally.

Yet we never saw CNN react like this:

I wonder why. Could it be that Trump gave them the opportunity to say on air what they have said privately for years? That’s likely, given the hypocrisy of the left.

It isn’t too hard to imagine Don Lemon complaining about the corrupt rich in these sh*thole countries keeping the poor in filth when arguing why we should let them flood our country.

Or how about Andrew Cuomo, the poet laureate of CNN, saying something like if we don’t grant citizenship to these innocent kids fleeing from their sh*thole countries run by Banana Republic dictators, we will not be able to live with ourselves.

It isn’t too hard to imagine, it’s easy if you try. No hell below us, above us only sky….

No, I will not digress…

Let’s be honest here. The reason this country is being flooded with illegal aliens is precisely because their countries are sh*tholes. A1, pure grade sh*tholes. No one flees lush, plush, and flush-with-cash countries. Do you see Americans overrunning the sh*thole countries’ borders? I thought not.

Now that Trump called these sh*thole countries what they are – sh*tholes - will Trump Derangement Syndrome force Don and Andrew to start thinking of them as something other than sh*tholes?


The sh*tholes on the sh*thole known as the Clinton News Network will spend the next few days, or weeks, feigning outrage over the fact that sh*thole countries were described as sh*thole countries by a man who calls sh*thole countries what they are.

That was kind of fun…. Hmmm… on second thought maybe they had no other thought than it is really fun to say sh*thole over and over again.

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