You don't have to be a doctor, or play a proctologist on TV to know that Senator Jeff Flake needs to pull his head out of his ass!

Any layman can see that the good senator from Arizona is suffering from popularity envy. It is similar to penis envy in that it causes the victim to embarrass themselves in an effort to make themselves appear to be bigger then they are.

The day after the mainstream media showed definitively that it cannot be taken seriously, Senator Jeff Flake came out and urged the American people to take him and the disgraced media seriously.

Seriously? Talk about bad timing.

Jeff Flake, who has threatened reporters in the past (including yours truly) for telling the truth about him, is now defending reporters against the truth about them? What we saw today wasn’t the Conscience of a Conservative; we witnessed the id of an asshat who has watched his career dissolve into a rancid Sh*t hole. (I feel like CNN saying that.)

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