Stop Dicking Around!

I sat in stunned silence when on Wednesday, in an interview on the Tucker Carlson show, I heard Martha McSally say Democrats are “dicking around.” After I let out an Amen and a boom shakalaka, I gave the Lord some praise.

Finally, we are hearing the truth.

Democrats are acting like dicks.

Of course, in my usual fashion I went from ecstatic to skeptical. Why am I hearing what I am hearing? Why am I hearing it from this person? Why am I hearing it now?

Short answer: Trump.

Long answer: Trump has liberated politicians. He has empowered the elected to be who they is - OR - who their constituents want them to be.

After critically assessing why I was hearing what I was hearing, I started asking tougher questions. McSally laid them out – this is a choice between “dicking around” with illegals or taking care of our troops.

How can there be any question as to who has our loyalty?

If it is true that “about 900 undocumented immigrants known as "DREAMers" are currently serving in the United States military,” then why are we dicking them around?

I mean really. If this is about DREAMers, how the hell do the Dems rationalize screwing them out of their military pay? If we had a competent media we would have those questions in front of every Tom, Dick and Harry Democrat. (Wait! What?)

Still, my mind wandered back to McSally… Is she a maverick of the Trump or McCain kind?

Only time will tell. Until then, give them Hell, McSally!

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