Clown of the Week

Rarely has a Conservative Circus Clown of the Week been such a hard decision. Usually a political ass hat will stick out like a sore thumb, but this week there were many strong candidates.

In the beginning of the week Senator Jeff Flake went to the floor of the Senate to denounce President Trump in defense of the mainstream media. He went so far as to compare Trump to Stalin. This from the man who allowed himself to be used as a pawn by Obama in Cuba.

Later in the week we heard from Senator Cory Booker who, in a petulant fit of mansplaining, excoriated DHS Secretary Kirstjen Neilsen for not repeating what potty mouth politicians spouted off in a closed-door meeting. His tears of rage looked more like the tears of a clown, making him a strong contender.

Phoenix mayoral candidate Kate Gallego had an embarrassing outing on national television last night. She made the awesome mistake of appearing on the Tucker Carlson show to talk about how illegal aliens help the economy grow!


Ladies and gentlemen, the Conservative Circus Clown Council is an equal opportunity ridiculer. This week’s decision was a difficult one. After meeting with the Clown Council, for the first time in the history of the Clown of the Week contest, we have a tie!

Two senators: one Republican, one Democrat, both ass hats! Senators Jeff Flake and Cory Booker are your Conservative Circus Clowns of the Week.

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