What about Grant Ronnebeck's rights?

Today, the Senate voted to end the government shut down. As our leaders patted themselves on the back and Dickie Durbin once again invoked the “plight” of the DREAMERs as the “civil rights" issue of our day, no one mentioned how 3 years ago today an illegal alien stripped 21 year old Grant Ronnebeck of his right to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Grant Ronnebeck was a clerk at a QT in Mesa, when the illegal alien – a DREAMER – shot and killed him. Three years later, the powers-that-be have forgotten Grant and want you to forget him too.

Grant’s dad, Steve, is working hard to ensure that Grant is not forgotten. He is working hard to ensure that our kids are not victims. The Arizona Daily Independent’s covered the tragic anniversary today: 

In a video published a few months after that floor debate, Steve recounts the day of Grant’s murder and discusses other victims of criminal illegal aliens:

“No parent wants their child to be remembered for what happened to them so I don't think I want him remembered for that,” said Steve referring to Grant’s murder, “but I'm hoping that he can be remembered for the for the smile. For all the people's lives that he made better; whether it be for two minutes at work; whether it be his brother that he impacted for the rest of his life; for me who he impacted the rest of my life. I want him to be remembered as the kind heart and the smile and just the good person he was and then secondarily I'd like him to be remembered for getting the change that will prevent somebody else from having to go through what me and my family had to go through.”

Please listen to Steve and his video.

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