Haters Ball (Poor Megyn?)

The co-hosts of ABC's "The View" had some choice words for NBC host Megyn Kelly over her ongoing feud with actress Jane Fonda and I have to tell you that I love watching the legacy alphabet networks beat up on each other.

Truth be told, if Megyn Kelly had not come to fame through FOX News, she would of been a 'made' women and would be safe from these types of broad side attacks from other lefty news broads.

But she did...

The stench of FOX News is still stuck on Megyn. She is also one of the first media pendants to punk Trump and you know what happens to those who punk Trump?  

Setting all of that aside, Megyn was once one of ours. (Before she crossed over to Never Trump land, then scored a $17 million dollar contract in the belly of the beast.) 

Still, do you feel sorry for her?

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