Davos: Has the media lost its mojo?

The media is shocked! SHOCKED! That President Trump is being treated with the respect that Barack the Chocolate Jesus never received.

Trump’s latest job approval numbers and his reception at Davos are indicating that the mainstream media has lost its power, why? Because money trumps fake news everytime.

President Donald Trump has predicted a "tremendous increase" in UK-US trade, after talks with Theresa May. Downing Street – the home of British Prime Minister Theresa May asked officials to work on "finalizing the details of a visit by the president to the UK later this year".

I thought the Brits hated us?

In a Jan. 24 Davos panel, Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) said President Trump was often “unpredictable,” but that this quality has often worked to the United States’ advantage.

Never Trumper Bob Corker? This can’t be happening!

The Washington Post headline reads: The Finance 202: Trump ditches Breitbart crowd for Davos elites...

Is that how the mainstream media liberal elite is going to try to spin it? Hahahahahahaha!


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