Ballot Referendum On Recreational Marijuana

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(Phoenix, AZ)  Representative Todd Clodfelter (R-10) has introduced a ballot referendum (HCR 2037) that would ask voters whether they want to legalize marijuana for recreational use.

“I believe that marijuana legalization is an eventuality in Arizona,” said Representative Clodfelter. “As a Legislature, we need to decide if we want that effort imposed through a potentially poorly-crafted initiative or if we want to help write a law where we can fully vet each measure, weigh feedback from stakeholders, and build flexibility into the system in case changes are needed. The voters will ultimately have the final say on our legislation and will be better served by legislative involvement on this issue.”

“The voters sent us here to do our job. They have clearly indicated that they want society to move toward the acceptance of marijuana. In other states, it’s paying for the rule assessment of hospitals, schools, roads, and we need that funding here,” said Representative Mark Cardenas (D-19), the Democratic sponsor of the resolution.

Among other provisions, the referendum would:

 Legalize the recreational use of marijuana for those at least 21 years old and allow the possession of one ounce of marijuana or less and six plants with three or fewer being mature. 

Prohibit the consumption of marijuana in public. 

Allow local governments to prohibit the operation of marijuana cultivation, manufacturing, testing, and retail facilities. 

Permit employers to restrict the use of marijuana by employees. Prohibit driving under the influence of marijuana. 

Levy an excise tax on the sale of marijuana with 40% of net revenues used for public safety grant programs, 40% used for public education grant programs, and 20% used for drug treatment and rehabilitation programs.


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