Honey Pot


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In the final days of an election campaign, a conservative state senator in a hotly contested campaign to replace congressional Rep. Trent Franks is accused of a sexting scandal. How convenient. Should we fall for this tired play? Everyone knew there was something really wrong with the whole Steve Montenegro – Honey Pot texting story. It was too sticky, too sweet. Too convenient for political enemies.

Here is what we know: Sen. Worsley, the same guy who killed Grant’s law and just about every other conservative bill in the state senate, is the business partner of the Honey Pot’s ex-boyfriend, Lyons, who is now being accused of revenge porn for stealing and shopping Honey Pot’s naked pics to the media. In addition, we know that this same Lyons is also (conveniently) listed as Worsley’s political consultant. We also know that Sen. Bob Worsley reached out to the Honey Pot via text and implored, “We would love to talk to you. Can you make this work?”

The plot sickens.

The first sour note of the sticky, sweet so-called scandal was what the AZ power brokers expect us to believe. We are supposed to believe that Lyons, Senator Worsley’s business partner and political consultant; the guy who is now accused of stealing images from her computer and social media accounts, was being completely altruistic when he drove the Honey Pot to the office of the "Gloria Allred of Arizona”—attorney Tom Ryan. Huh? Why would he do that?

That's just dumb. If I’m the Honey Pot, and you, my ex-boyfriend, stole naked pics from my computer, you are not driving me to see a lawyer. I'm driving YOU to the police station! The truth is that the Honey Pot states that she was unwillingly at Ryan’s office, and is now seeking legal action against the ex for engaging in revenge porn.

Montenegro admitted to receiving and sending messages to and from the Honey Pot, but is adamant that his hands are not sticky. He said there was no sexting, and to date the texts are clean. His story holds up, so I've got questions.

Who got the Honey Pot the job at the Senate(she has a prison record don't ya know)in the first place? We have all heard rumors about a powerful person who strategically places Honey Pots in the path of conservatives. Is that the case here? We probably will never know.

Cue the rant!

From the Arizona Daily Independent:

"Worsley, Business Partner Behind Alleged Revenge Porn In Montenegro Texting Case"

It is clear to me that the Montenegro Honey Pot text plot is a political hit job. Steve Montenegro might just be the most innocent individual in this whole sticky mess. Let’s hope he has Teflon skin.



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