When liberals turn truencey into protest.

Children from Baltimore get a day out of school to be bussed down to Washington D.C. so they can protest violence. The police Chief and the mayor of Baltimore address the children. There is so much wrong with what we are seeing. First and foremost, the left is totally dependent on Washington D.C. for every little thing. Whatever happened to sovereignty of the states?  

Secondly, the violence they are protesting is happening in the streets of Baltimore, where, not too long ago, the former Mayor insisted violent protestors be given space to destroy.  How is this a D.C. problem? The civil rights protests were the right thing for their time. Stop trying to revive old methods for causes that are not suited to the means!

Round up those truants and make their parents come get them.  Or better yet, keep them in school and teach them how to be responsible citizens that don’t need to destroy their city or expect Uncle Sam to solve every problem.  

Just a suggestion. 

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