Oakland Coffee Shop Refuses To Serve Police

A new coffee shop in the Bay Area has stirred up controversy over its new policy refusing to serve police officers. In a social media post, Hasta Muerte Coffee says having police in the shop "compromises our feeling of physical & emotional safety". They say it's on the "actual" community, not police officers to keep the area safe. 

Isn't this the same city whose mayor tipped off illeagals that I.C.E. was coming to round them up? Yes. Yes it is! Freaking California! 

Hasta Muerte says they're now being attacked by police supporters who are giving them low-scoring reviews online. Good!

 Oakland Police officials are taking the high road - Sgt. Bryan Hubbard says he "respects" Hasta Muerte's position and says if they do ever need the cops, they'll get the same treatment as anyone else.


Here's the question: Would you patronize a business that wouldn't serve cops?  Is it foolish for a business to antagonize the local police?

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