The Conservative Circus Clown of the Week

Years ago, Sen’ Jeff Flake’s staff said they would “squish us like a bug.” Like a bug – squissshh. Now, it appears it was the squish that got squished.

This week Sen. Flake implied that Trump was doing “profound damage to our values and to our civic life.” Huh, most of us thought that was President Barack Obama. We thought he was destructive and divisive and anti-American. Flake never condemned Barack. Flake never spoke one word of concern about his actions or lack of actions.

Flake said in his quasi-stump speech, “One voice can also repair the damage, one voice can call us to a higher idea of America, one voice can act as a beacon to help us find ourselves once again after this terrible fever breaks -- and it will break."

Yes, the fever cause by Trump Derangement Syndrome will break some day and when it does those once suffering from the fever induced delirium will take a good look at Flake and realize his is not the clown of the week, but of the decade.

Listen to my takedown of Flake below:

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