Arizona Teacher Walk-In

Teachers across Arizona are wearing red shirts and holding signs, staging walk-ins as a possible teachers' strike looms.  Some former teachers are also on-hand supporting the RedForED movement.  Former high school teacher, Justin McLellan, tells FOX 10 after 15-years he had to walk away from teaching to be able to provide for his family.

'When push came to shove when I received my offer for next school year it just didn't add up for my family. It's what I want to do is to be in the classroom, but it's not about what I want it's what I need to do for my family.'

The walk-ins are happening all across the state, including this Gilbert school.

Wednesday's walk-ins are part of a statewide push for a 20-percent teacher raise and more than $1-billion in new education funding.  The RedForED organizers have a strike date in mind if Governor Doug Ducey and the state legislature won't sit down and negotiate.

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