Maxine Waters:Trump Needs to "Get Out"

Video Courtesy of TIME

Maxine Waters really must not want to let up in her crusade to get President Donald Trump out of The White House.

Now she is giving advice to President Trump asking him to "please resign" and "just get out" of office.

President Trump has already been in office since January of 2017 and Waters continues to beat the war drums of impeachment despite positive polling numbers job growth and the overall success under the Trump Administration.

Video Courtesy of CNN

But her track record would demonstrate that she will double and triple down her efforts simply because this is all the Democrats have to offer.

They whine and complain and insist and advise themselves and the American people that Donald Trump is not fit to be President of the United States of America.

But much like Hillary Clinton, James Comey and Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters is only doing what she thinks is right---to blame everyone else and NOT help make this country Great Again.

The real question is does she not have anything else better to do then bash Trump? The answer is no.

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