Dennis Rodman North Korea "I'm so Happy."

The long awaited meeting between the countries of North Korea and the United States finally took place.

The unofficial ambassador for to North Korea Dennis Rodman has been in the middle of talks between the two nations for seemingly forever. He had become upset that the previous administration under Barack Obama did not give him the time of day when it came to any kind of negotiations with the foreign dictator.

Rodman got emotional with CNN's Chris Cuomo while describing his time helping the current situation in North Korea and was, "So happy", that this was even taking place.

This is a great day for the entire world as Rodman said.

When you are one of the only people to help bridge the gap between two feuding countries you should feel proud of your accomplishments.

Let your feelings out Dennis!

The world cannot wait to see the picture of you, Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump making the world a little bit safer!

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