Kanye West's Slavery Comment Does It Again!

“That statement was one of the most ignorant statements that anybody who came from the hood could ever say about their ancestors, that slavery is a choice.” he said. “What are you talking about?” -Will.i.am 

I'll tell you what Kanye West is talking about, mindset. Slavery ended in 1865, yet many Americans of African descent are still holding on to it. Allowing themselves to be defined by it. Choosing to be victims of it, drinking deep from racial cups of sorrow. 

The rapper Will.i.am responded to Kanye West‘s recent remark implying slavery was a “choice,” saying the outburst “broke my heart.”

Boo hoo! 

Time for Americans of African descent to shelve the emotion and take on what this free thinker is suggesting. 

Free your mind.

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