Students Can't Read Clocks. Who's To Blame?

If school teaches you one thing, it's how to read a clock. (Although my kids learned how to tell time before they started school, just saying.)  Most folk for my generation spent half the school day staring at the clock on the wall, waiting for 3:00! 


However, that era may be over, as more and more schools are ditching analog clocks - because, wait for it, WAIT FOR IT... Students don't know how to read them.


According to the London Telegraph, a number of schools in the UK are replacing analog clocks with digital ones.  Some teachers say students were having trouble taking their exams in time because they couldn't read the clocks but other educators think reading an analog clock teaches kids valuable math lessons like fractions or counting by fives. Kids can't tell time so now it's time to get rid of the clock? Hmmmmm...

Is there any reason to still have analog clocks? Yes! (I think.)  Do you still have one at home? Uhhhhh... Nope. I want to blame the schools or parents for not teaching their kids but the fact is technology has changed the world and analog clocks are about as useful as Day Light Savings time changes. Let's do away with both!

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