It's a maxine Meltdown!

Uh Ohhhhh....

Mike Kelly (R-PA) a Republican who has adopted the strategy of the Donald Trump in order to to stay relative stepped in it when he took on Auntie Maxine! Mike had tough words for Maxine a Democrat from California who is "woke.". The debate was about the potential repeal of the 2013 Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection’s indirect auto lending guidance, which basically functioned as a way to prevent auto dealers from cheating minority buyers through “dealer markups” that added extra interest to loans. Something that is right up Maxine Waters ally if she's getting a kick back. That's how this public servant came to live in a million dollar house! 

Anyway, if your going to take on Maxine you should never give her you time. If you do, you might just get got!

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