It's A Game Changer!

Sig P365

Okay, it’s been a while and it’s my first time on my new Sig soooo, sloppy. Having said that, OMG! I LOVE the Sig Sauer P365! It’s the size of a Kahr PM9 but with 2 / 10 round mags, plus a mag with 12 rounds plus 1!!! It’s a micro compact people, with the punch of a Glock 19! 

This gun is butter! 

I expected more kick but nope! So fun to shoot. My friends, when they said the Sig Sauer P365 might be a “game changer,” Yep, it is! (For me at least.) This is the ultimate conceal and carry weapon. Small enought to fit into your pocket but packs a man size punch with almost double the rounds capaticity of it's competitor. 

Glocks and company are great but this... Better. (In my humble opinion which is very humble.)

Shout out to Tombstone Tactical for delivering my baby! If you live in the Valley and haven't stopped in, Shame on you! Best gun shop in the Valley! 

There it is. My first biased gun review! 

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