Double Shooting In Scottsdale

A Deadly afternoon in Scottsdale.  Police confirm two women were shot and killed near the Scottsdale Civic Library at 1st and 75th streets.  It happened about 2:30 Friday afternoon.  

One of the victims, who had been shot in the head, walked to a nearby bus asking the driver to call for help before collapsing  in the road.  She was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead.  

Police said the followed her blood trial to a nearby building where they found a second woman dead from a gunshot wound.  No suspect information has been released.  The investigation is ongoing.

This is the third murder in less than 24 hours in Scottsdale.  A noted forensic psychologist was shot and killed outside his Scottsdale office Thursday afternoon.  No arrests have been made in the death of Steven Pitt.  When asked if the murders are related, police said they are not ruling out that possibility.

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