Hateful Samantha Bee Clown Of The Week

So, comedian Samantha Bee goes off in an anti-Trump screed on her TBS show that ends with Bee calling the daughter of the president a feckless C-word. 

It was planned, scripted, practiced and approved. So was the insincere apology that followed.

 But wait it gets better. 

Not only does Samantha Bee Not get fired her show, Thursday night just a day after the attack, she received an award!

Bee received an award from the Television Academy – the group behind TV’s Emmy Awards. A statement on the academy website reads: “For its dedication to making the audience laugh while making it think, the Television Academy is proud to include Full Frontal with Samantha Bee in the Television Academy Honors.”

TBS is owned by Turner Broadcasting System, a division of Time Warner, which also owns (wait for it) CNN!

No, Samantha Bee won’t get fired. CNN is the granddaddy of Fake News and a leader in the resistance movement. They also get to determine what decency means and what’s improper. Saying someone is from the planet of the apes gets you fired. However, the C word is now acceptable, if used against Republicans. 

Welcome to the brave new world. 

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