Charlie Sykes "Political Suicide" to fight Trump

Courtesy of Grabien and MSNBC

The attacks against Donald Trump seem to come rain or shine these days don't they?

For many people on both sides of the aisle the idea that President Trump is an actuality makes them lose their collective minds.

Charlie Sykes who has been apart of the "Never Trump" movement took it even further by suggesting that political candidates who oppose Donald Trump are committing "political suicide." They would be better off running as a radical candidate who believes in radical ideas and get elected.

President Donald Trump is here to stay until 2020 and if things keep going this way until 2024. The constant refusal to accept anything Trump does as productive and or helpful to the United States of America will come as the detriment and irrelevance to those who continue to act this way.

The fact is that Sykes and other "Never Trumpers" like him have simply prattled and bloviated their way into insignificance and exile.

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