Pepper Spray Campaign Video!?

Courtesy of Mediaite and Grabien

What kind of statement would get the attention of many constituents who are on the fence to vote for a candidate?

The natural answer of course is to get sprayed in the face with Pepper Spray to demonstrate a stance on gun violence in schools, right!?

That is exactly what Democrat Congressional Candidate Levi Tillemann from Colorado did.

It starts off as a typical campaign ad that then dives right into the graphic nature of someone getting sprayed in the face and the aftermath of said action.

Shock value much?

Making a stand for a topic you believe in is commendable and should be taken at face value. However actions like this clearly show not only desperation but of lack of real understanding as to how to get a message across appropriately and effectively.

Nice try though Mr. Tillemann but we all see through the nonsense that now defines your candidacy for Congress.

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