Under Obama, Liberals Didn't Care About Children!

In December 2015, Arizona State Representative Bob Thorpe called for an investigation into the Southwest Key facilities under contract by the Office of Refugee Resettlement and licensed by the State of Arizona. Thorpe’s request followed revelations by Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley that federal authorities responsible for vetting potential guardians of children who enter the country without an adult have been placed some with convicted criminals.

I was told of unhealthy living conditions in 2014 as well and reported it to the state. Whistleblowers reported lice-infested facilities and minors being turned over to coyotes, the term used to describe human smugglers in the Southwest. Nothing – absolutely nothing was done.

Whistleblowers with Southwest Key made identical claims to the Arizona Daily Independent. Nothing – absolutely nothing was done. Only Bob Thorpe seemed to care.

According to Grassley, at least 3,400 sponsors out of a sample of 29,000 listed in a government database had criminal histories that included domestic violence, homicide, child molestation, sexual assault and human trafficking.

This all occurred in the Obama administration so the subject was nearly untouchable. Now that Trump is in office, CNN, the Los Angeles Times and the rest of the mainstream media clown crew cares.

Read ADI story here. Check out my interview with Rep. Thorpe below.

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