NOKO Nuke Talk Not Enough?

Once again another attack on President Trump not doing enough with his initial talks with North Korea Leader Kim Jong Un. Why are we not surprised in the slightest!?

The historic summit took place and seemingly everything went as both leaders had planned with productive preliminary discussions about the future relationships between the United States and North Korea.

But leave it to Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) to go after Trump's lack of discussion surrounding Kim Jong Un's behavior or his human rights violations right off the bat in their first meeting.

This is a negotiation right?

Why would someone, with whom they are trying to negotiate with, attack their counterpart on a base level without any sense of diplomacy? Does Kim Jong Un not deserve a civil conversation?

Perhaps that is what analysts and pundits really mean. Kim Jong Un does not even get a chance to change or talk things out because of his past discretions. And quite frankly maybe he doesn't deserve that chance.

But Trump is not asking for a benefit of the doubt...he wants a discussion that has the potential for more progress and actual solutions rather than the stagnant status quo of so many administrations before him.

Rep. Ted Lieu is one of many criticizing President Trump for his actions in North Korea stating that he was not tough enough with Kim Jong Un.

Meghan McCain on The View discussed how she wishes that Trump would have gotten right into discussing human rights issues rather than play nice with North Korea's leader.

Watch this clip below.

Courtesy of ABC and Grabien

Are her words true? Yes.

Should Kim Jong Un pay for his crimes and change for the betterment of the global community? Without question yes.

But in any negotiation one must tactfully analyze their opposition and accentuate their strengths and play off of their weaknesses.

Kim Jong Un is used to being treated a certain way and have business conducted a certain way.

This is not President Trump bowing down to the words of a dictator...this is Trump using his tactics to garner trust and establish a new better relationship that involves a safer environment and an understanding of a better way of accomplishing goals.

These comments further prove that no matter what Trump does positively it will be cast as unorthodox dangerous and unsafe.

But in truth it is another example of Trump...winning.

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