The NFL and Politics don't mix

The NFL has had a bit of an image problem recently and President Trump has called them to task concerning kneeling for the National Anthem along with other political statements.

President Trump while visiting with Fox and Friends openly suggested that athletes should stay out of politics and just play the game.

This has been called a radical stance to not have athletes be social advocates and voice their opinions on political matters as well as they are seen as role models and ambassadors to people across the world.

Perhaps athletes should channel their inner Charles Barkley who created a controversial ad back in 1993 stating that "I am not a role model."


Courtesy of Nike and GloopTrekker

Trump simply is calling it like he sees it stating that athletes should not be voicing their political opinions. 

And looking at the ratings of the NFL lately their fanbase has shown that they agree with Trump on this one!

No one needs nor wants your opinion on your political views. We enjoy you as athletes. Period.

In the infamous words of Lavar Ball, "Stay in your lane."

Please athletes just take some advice and play the games you are good at. Make all the money doing that and don't mix your greases!

Shut up and play ball!

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