Trump using kids for Wall?

Courtesy of CNN and Grabien

Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-TX) is now proclaiming that President Trump is holding immigrant children hostage in order to get his Wall built.....

Think about what that notion is implied by Mr. Doggett.

The President of the United States holding illegal immigrant children hostage to perpetuate his narrative.

That at face value is not only irresponsible but it is inflammatory and nonsensical.

The law is in place to tighten our borders and help our immigration policy be actually enforced and protective of our nation.

Meanwhile both sides of the aisle, (although let us be honest the Left is more to blame the Right), drone on day after day week after week and month after month finding new ways to make the argument about immigration an emotional one rather than a logical one.

Let us try this one on for size....DO NOT COME INTO THIS COUNTRY ILLEGALLY.

Then we will not have any of these problems or at the very least LESS of them.

Every time more rhetoric and commentary like this shows up the more President Trump gains influence to get policy done. Which happens to be a fresh concept since not much had been done in previous administrations besides the now infamous term "status quo".

The "status quo" sucks.

President Trump gets things done. Why can't we all want a protected border? And why must we kowtow to people who are not citizens of our country!? This is not that hard!

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