That Time When Democrats Snatched Babies

In November 1999, Gonzalez, who was about six at the time, fled Cuba with his mother, Elizabeth Rodriguez, and several others on a doomed sea voyage to the U.S. on an make shift boat.

The boat's engine later failed and the group hit stormy weather. Elian's mother ultimately died. She sacrificed her life so that her son could live free, in America.

Years later Cubans still to the seas in flimsy crafts like the one in which Elian Gonzalez travelled. According to CBS news, The U.S. Coast Guard spotted 3,722 Cubans in 2013, nearly double the number intercepted in 2012. Cubans used to risk their lives in pursuit of dry foot status. Meaning, before Obama, if a Cuban were able to get their feet on dry ground (Florida) they could apply for asylum.

Elian Gonzalez made it at great cost only to be literly snatched out of his guardians arms and returned to Cuba. 

Everyday hundreds of "unaccomplnied minors" cross the border into the United States similer to young Elian. Why are they not being sent back?

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