Hillary Clinton Channels Jesus To Bash Trump?

Hillary Clinton was a Sunday school teacher, don't cha know. That makes her qualified to quote Jesus and chastise President Trump for George W's and Obama's border policy? 

It's incredible, Democrats care about children and Republicans don't. Time for Hillary to go dust off her Margret Sanger award, with a rag. In case you missed it, two women in the Trump administration kicked the press corps assets yesterday. 

Kristen Nielson, Director of Homeland Security had all the facts and figures on the law and the names of the Presidents under who the various laws were enacted. Even cited court cases that put limits on the existing law. Multiple times pointing out how Trump keeps asking Congress to fix the law and Democrats won't work.

Both Nielson and Sarah Sanders kept mentioning Democrats refusal to work on a complete fix on immigration rather than throw a patch on it and kick it down the road.

The Secretary cited the law for asylum seeking and differentiated between a port of entry, where you can claim asylum, and a random border crossing. 

It was a proud moment. Real news in the face of fakery. Secretary Nielson even pointed out that the law requiring separation of families was signed by George W. Bush. (Although they appreciate Laura's concern for the children.) 

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton was a Sunday school teacher.

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