Immigration Coverage: The Tale of Two Headlines

This is the coverage from Fox News stating that Trump's Executive Order will "Keep Families Together While Keeping a Powerful Border with Zero Tolerance."

This shows not only that Trump is addressing the issue while also keeping his firm stance on securing our Border but also makes a stand against the lackluster policies of several past administrations.

Overall this headline represents the true nature of President Trump's actions right?

This is the coverage from CNN stating that "Trump flips on family separations by signing an Executive Order that was not needed."

This demonstrates how even though action was taken to help remedy the situation the tone of concern and disappointment is flooded in that headline.

Overall this headline is more biased and more representative of anti-Trump despite positive action.

Trump is acting on the Law not on a specific policy.

Media coverage has gotten so blatantly biased that you as the viewer are sure to be confused as to what is actually going on and what you are told is going on.

"Controlling the flow of information is our job." Isn't that what Mika Brzezinski once said?

You be the judge.

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