READ: Letter from Conservative Patriot

The following article written by a patriot of this great nation is a notion that has been resonating across the country and a cry out to those who feel the same way to know that their voices are not alone.

Shiny Objects

Brilliant observation from a conservative friend.

It is getting discouraging to see all the uproar over side issues since the IG report came out. The media is cooperating with the swamp creatures to divert our attention from the REAL problems in government, and people are falling for it.

We are allowing ourselves to get tied up in arguments about issues that have existed for years. The crisis is the corruption in government that has permitted these issues to happen in the first place.

Trump needs a "voice crying in the wilderness". Republicans looked the other way on illegal immigration to provide cheap labor for their wealthy business owners. Democrats looked the other way for votes. The taxpayers were caught in the crossfire.

Patriots have to resist getting caught up in the argument of the day. It only keeps us from digging deeper into the problem. The real problem is a corrupt government...legislators, cabinet offices, etc., who all pulled a little or big side deal off for personal benefit over many years. The pile of steaming dung has finally overwhelmed the Nation's finances and ability to cope.

The media doesn't want to report the "little" stuff, but it is the accumulation of the "little" stuff that is the real problem. Report the mass shooting, but don't report a weekend of gun violence in a major city that claims more victims.

Report the opioid crisis, but don't report the true cause of the opioid crisis.

Blame the doctors who are treating pain, but not the traffickers bringing the illegal drugs into this country. When heroin becomes cheaper than Vicodin, supply and demand has reached its maximum result.

The question is how does so much heroin become available, not how many pain relievers doctors supply.

Everyone looked the other way for too many years on the illegal immigration problem until it began to overwhelm our social safety net programs. Citizens are waiting in line to sign their kids up for CHIP, but illegals get their kids enrolled in entry.

Citizens have to turn themselves inside out to get food stamps. Illegals get a card on entry. Citizens are waiting in line for public housing. Illegals get housing to be released into. How did we get here? Legislation and the courts.

The government has been working against the citizen for more than a generation. We need a light focused on what created the problem in the first place.

Our country is in need of a prophet, not a reporter.

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