TIME Border Photo False But Defended as Iconic!?

Courtesy of CNN and Grabien

The infamous "crying girl" photo that was released by TIME magazine as their cover stirred up quite the storm across the country and has been considered an important representation of the Border Crisis many say President Donald Trump created.

Since the release of the TIME magazine cover the photo itself has been proven to be doctored and superimposed to look as if President Trump is staring down at the girl in real time when he was not.

What happened to accurate journalism and accurate portrayals of real news?

This is why CNN and other publications and networks have been called FAKE NEWS for stunts like this!

And to top it all off---the Editor in Chief for TIME Magazine Edward Felsenthal, shown in the video above, has the gall to defend such false work as to call the photo "iconic" and calls the girl the "face of the Border Crisis".

That is despicable.

There is no defense for such blatant defamation of character and once again shows the true hatred that the Left shows for our current President.

Trump is here to fix the Border Crisis that was left to him. He is enforcing the Law and just because you do not agree with the zero tolerance policy does not give you the right to publish pure nonsense.

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