Chris Matthews Unhinged over Justice Kennedy

Courtesy of Grabien and MSNBC

Chris Matthews is playing Hardball again isn't he?

The retirement of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy has sent a shock wave throughout the country. Some have said that the future of SCOTUS and some of the decision making and balance of the courts will be decided in his replacement.

But leave it to Chris Matthews of MSNBC to drone on and on about how devastating the timing of this is and how ruined the fabric of our country is destined to be.

He is even blaming Sen. Chuck Schumer for being too weak in pushing back against Donald Trump is this process.

The fact is that this is exactly why Donald Trump being elected President was such a huge win for the Right and why a Hillary defeat was so terrible for the Left.

But Chris Matthews going apoplectic and tearing apart his own party makes for good theater doesn't it? 

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